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Living Region Tišnovsko

Zivy Region is a place where citizens, farmers, landowners, entrepreneurs, nature lovers (conservationists), community groups and public authorities (council) work together to create healthy and diverse landscape (place) with goal of transitioning to ecological agriculture. The result is efficient ecological agriculture, healthy relationships, support of local businesses and maintenance of local history (stories), traditions, and authenticity. Zivy region supports the well-being of locals while also attracting and inspiring visitors from elsewhere.

What Bio region means to us:

A healthy and diverse landscape (place) that provides healthy food

Agriculture that supports nature-friendly farming methods

Mutual cooperation among local farmers, entrepreneurs, and public authorities (council)

Support of local work and direct sales in the area

An authentic environment full of inspiring stories, local culture and ways of life

A place for local experiences that attracts visitors for trips, dining and relaxation

Values that are based on tradition, solidarity and respect for the local environment.

How we support Zivy region

Zivy region is the first step towards creating a so-called BIO region, where all people strive to support better state of local ecosystems and biodiversity. This, in turn, has an impact on the overall quality of life in the area – whether it is nature or life of citizens. People here take care of their landscape and their interpersonal and business relationships – they support local agriculture producers and vendors. Local farmers then operate in an ecological farming regime without obstacles or economic disadvantage. We want to achieve these goals through several main activities:

  • helping to understand and benefits of ecological farming
  • we motivate and support local entities to develop ecological agriculture
  • we provide advice and show good practice examples – this helps with transition to ecological farming
  • we support understanding of the interdependence of the individual elements – landscape management, healthy food, local employment, tourism, local production and sales

What we talk about

Our main idea is the support of local farmers and food producers. In this regard, we communicate with suppliers, customers, public administration and generally motivate the use of organic products at home, schools and public catering. We aim to increase sales and motivate other farmers to switch to organic farming. We provide consulting, assistance with projects and grants, so that farmers are not let alone in this transition.

We regularly visit Zivy Region, conduct local surveys, and communicate the specific benefits and impacts on improving the landscape and people's health. We help spread awareness of the involved local entities – we communicate good examples, reports, and producers/sellers are shown in our Farmer's Database (link). We support and organize events where the general public can meet local farmers, for example Organic markets.

Who supports us

Zivy region is the main scheme within the project Introduction of the Bio region as a supportive network for biodiversity in Czech landscape Pilot application of research.